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Fall Place Mats

I made these place mats today. I got the idea from Martha Stewart’s Foliage Place Mats. The green color was pretty, but the brown went better with my current kitchen and the future redecorated kitchen I have in mind. I really like how they turned out. It is a really nice fall decoration that didn’t cost much.Place Mats The description on Martha Stewart’s Web site was kind of lacking, so I thought I would describe it here a little more. The template ends up being about 14.5 inches long and 13.5 inches wide. I bought 1.25 yards of ultrasuede (60 inches wide). I was able to create 12 place mats with that much fabric. More then I thought I could make, but I happily made extras. My table only seats 6, but when family comes over we pull out another table, so it’s really a near perfect amount.

Some step-by-step photos…

TemplateItemsWhat I thought I would need…I didn’t end up using the pins or the pencil. Then pencil didn’t show up well enough on my darker fabric. And have you ever tried pinning paper? Not easy. The tape and paper didn’t slide on the suede, so I just held it in place and chalked it. Stencil I folded the fabric in half length-wise then fit 6 patterns on the fabric. I cut on the inside of the chalk lines. The chalk brushes right off if you get some on your place mats. Just a couple swipes. Place MatsAfter I cut all the pieces out, I went back through and trimmed the edges a bit. There were only a couple rough spots.


I think they would look pretty in a bright green for spring, maybe, or in other fall colors, such as orange or yellow.


Comments on: "Fall Place Mats" (4)

  1. Hi

    Look great, but I have a few questions. I’m having trouble finding Ultrasuede in stores near me, so I looked on line and found it available in different weights at a place called Fields. Not sure which weight is right for this. Where did you get your Ultrasuede? Also, have you tried washing them yet? I wonder how they hold up and if they fray (I know they are not supposed to, but wonder if that’s true.) Thanks!


    • I got my fabric at Hobby Lobby. It isn’t ‘ultra’suede, just suede. But it works really well. The only difference I think is that the suede does fray a little. It wasn’t horrible just need to trim it a little and they come out nice and clean. I didn’t pay much attention to the weight. Mine are fairly thin and flimsy, but I like them. You could probably go with whatever weight you wanted.

      Hope that helps!

  2. I’ve been thinking about making these for sometime and I just found your link. How easily do they clean?

    • Spot treating seems to be best, as is not getting anything on them. šŸ˜‰ I did put one in the wash to test it and the fabric looked the same, a little frayed on the edges. I just trimmed it a bit and looked good as new.

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